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by admin on June 1, 2010


So you’ve got her number. Well done.

But now are you wondering what you should text her?

Lots of guys will spend hours thinking about sending the first text, wracking their brains for the “perfect” thing to send her…

and then the best they come up with is “hey, what’s up?”

Read on to learn a better way…

Your first text message is making your first impression all over again. You need to show her that you’re that fun, cool guy who she met in person. And most of all, you want her to respond so you can start a conversation over text, and ultimately get her to meet up.

How To Flirt over Text Messages

It’s important when you’re learning how to text girls that you steer clear of the normal, “boring” text messages. If you’re texting a very beautiful girl, she is probably ALREADY getting texts from normal, needy guys, so we have to stand out.

So… what SHOULD you text her?

Text her something fun, flirty, and playful.

One great way to make your texts stand out is to use a nickname.

Here’s an example of a BAD first text message:

“Hey, how is your day going?”

Yuck! If you send this text the day after you meet a girl, you will almost certainly end up in the “lame/boring” category in her mind.

Here’s an example of how to fix that last text… This is an example of a GOOD text message:

  • “hey crackerpants! Just what kinda trouble are you getting into today!?”

Why does this text work so much better? How can you learn to text every girl something effective like these messages?

Just follow these three guidelines of an effective first text:

  1. It needs to set a fun, playful tone (so that proper text message flirting can ensue)
  2. It needs to engage her emotions (so that she becomes even more interested)
  3. It needs to compel her to respond (so that she will text you back every time!)

if you ever wonder why she didn’t text you back, it’s probably because you didn’t follow these three rules.

When Should You Text Her After You Get Her Number?

“How soon should I text her” is one of the most common questions that guys have about this stuff.

Instead of waiting three days, one day, whatever — just text her as soon as you get her number. And if you’re hanging out with your friends in a cool place, you don’t have to stop everything — just text her the next morning after you meet her.

Here are a few more examples of good first text messages:

  • “hello my little midget ninja!”
  • “what r u up to crazyface?”
  • “What has a bottom at the top? -[your name]” (the answer to this one is “your legs, silly!”)

All of these are interesting enough that she’s going to want to text you back. So far, so good.

She might text you back something like “who is this?”, but don’t lose your cool. Just keep the flirty texts coming, and send her something sassy like…

  • “Your arch-enemy of course…”

DO NOT just tell her “It’s [your name] from [the place you met],” because that is what EVERY OTHER GUY will do. Spike her curiosity and get her to actually want to figure out who you are before you tell her that.

By the way, if you want to read more examples of REAL text conversations and learn the proper mindset to attract women with your text messages, there is a LOT more where this came from in The TXT Book.

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